The timer on the AMD Geode SC1100 CPU has a defective on-board timer. This patch enables Linux-2.6 to work around the problem by using a different time source. Read more. Note: thanks to the efforts of Jim Cromie, the functionality of this patch has made its way into Linux-2.6.18-rc1.
CVS can use a subprocess, usually rsh or ssh, to access a remote repository, but it doesn't close stderr when it forks and execs. Normally this is not a problem, but on Linux, if the process that invokes cvs does so with stdout and stderr bound to the same file descriptor, as emacs does when using pcl-cvs and ediff to review changes before commiting a file, data can be lost. This patch redirects stderr to /dev/null, which means that error messages from rsh or ssh are lost, but at least ediff functions properly.


Blogging software for geeks. Input is in TexInfo format. Written in C.

Juke is yet another web interface to an MP3 repository. It differs from the others by being geared towards playing an entire album at a time. Written in C.

Yet another parser compiler. This only only generates the parser tables (in a form suitable for inclusion into a C or Python program) and is therefore useful in a multithreaded environment.
etagit-1.0a1 source and Win32 binary
A small C program to drive the TI S6000 and S6500 tag readers via the serial port. It periodically sends an Inventory request to the tag reader, maps the resulting ids into tag names and reports any changes via Mantara Software's Elvin notification service.

With this patch, you can build the MySQL-3.23.57 client library for WinCE. You need to patch against Might even work with later versions.

When you can't run tcpdump or ethereal because you don't have root access, you can still run listen and' blat, from net-utils.

Repackaging and minor tweaks to Mitchell Blank Jr.'s patches to pppd. This version builds outside of the ppp distribution. Tested against ppp-2.4.2b3 and ppp-2.4.2.

Note: as of ppp-2.4.3, the pppoatm module is included in the standard ppp distribution.

I hate it when my DSL connection drops out, and although it happens very rarely since linux-2.6.12, it does still happen. This program to start up the SpeedTouch USB DSL modem and keep it running. At the very least, it makes it much easier to write the init script, especially if you're stuck in the PPPoE world.

Twitch-o-matic 1.0a2
A WinCE program that uses an RFID tag reader, MySQL and Elvin to monitor coffee usage and debt. Currently only works with the Tag-It S6000 tag reader. Requires libelvin for WinCE and MySQL for WinCE. Includes sample PHP scripts!

A translation of the popular Perl script into C. Somewhat faster, with no external dependencies. Released under the GPL.